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Teaching Staff

Mrs J. Sutherland – Executive Head
Mrs A. Devaney – Head of School
Mrs V. Blackmore – Class Teacher/Key Stage 1 Leader/AGT Leader
Mrs A. Chapman – Reading Intervention Teacher
Miss C. Crawforth – Class Teacher
Mr C. Devaney – SENCO/MFL Leader/LAC Leader/Class Teacher
Miss R. Good – Class Teacher/Educational Visits Leader/Design and Technology Leader
Mrs C. Hancock – Class Teacher/Geography Leader
Mrs J. Hesp – PE Leader/Class Teacher/First Aider
Mrs J. Hodgson – Phonics Leader/Class Teacher
Mrs C. Mitchinson – Class Teacher/History Leader
Miss J. Pattrick – English Leader/Class Teacher
Mr K. Peck – ICT Leader/e-Safety Leader/Class Teacher
Mr C. Prosser – Class Teacher/Assessment Leader
Miss J. Schorah – Class Teacher/Music Leader
Mrs A. Shad – RE Leader/Class Teacher
Mrs J. Smith – Class Teacher/Art Leader
Miss S. Smith – Foundation Stage Phase Leader/Class Teacher
Miss S. Veal – Class Teacher/Science Leader
Mrs K. Verity – Key Stage 2 Phase Leader/Maths Leader/Class Teacher
Miss R. Walker – Class Teacher/PSHCE & British Values Leader
Miss D. Wilson – Class Teacher/Maths Support

Support Staff

Mrs J. Aitchison – Teaching Assistant/Breakfast Club Supervisor/First Aider
Mrs D. Barnard – Assistant SENCO/Child Protection Leader/Senior First Aider
Mrs S. Bates – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Betts – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Coates – Senior First Aider/Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. Danby – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. Dixon – Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Miss N. Dixon – Nursery Nurse
Mrs A. Elsworthy – Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Mrs L. Gillies – Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Mr B. Gray – Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Mrs L Gray – Teaching Assistant
Miss K. Hadley – Nursery Nurse
Mr S. Jackson – Sports Coach/Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Jordan – Nursery Nurse
Mrs D. Ketley – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs D. Mann – Teaching Assistant
Miss E. Marshall – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. McCloud – Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Nicholson – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Rial – Teaching Assistant
Mrs H. Satchell – Teaching Assistant
Mrs L. Shearer – Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Mr A. Smith – Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Stoddart – Teaching Assistant
Mrs L. Teal – Nursery Nurse
Mrs S. Walkington – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Weatherill – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Wray – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs A. Day – Admin Assistant
Mrs L. Hobson – Administration & Organisation Officer
Miss M. Noble – Admin Assistant
Mrs F. Kirlew – Administration & Organisation Officer/Clerk to the Governing Body
Miss E. Turner – Admin Assistant
Mrs S. Lines – Senior Lunchtime Leader/Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs K. Baldry – Lunchtime Leader
Mrs N. Cresswell – Lunchtime Leader
Mrs L. Denton – Lunchtime Leader
Mrs L. Graham – Lunchtime Leader
Mrs D. Harrison – Lunchtime leader
Miss D. Hollingworth – Lunchtime leader
Mrs T. Meyerhoff – Lunchtime leader/Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs T. Phelan – Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs T. Meyerhoff – Lunchtime Leader/Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs J. Sharp – Lunchtime leader
Mrs S. Walker – Lunchtime Leader
Mrs Y. Wiles – Lunchtime leader
Mr J. Dykes – Senior Site Facilities Officer
Miss S. Dawson – Cleaner
Miss T. Grindey – Cleaner
Miss C. Littlewood – Cleaner
Mrs E. Smith – Cleaner

Visiting Teachers

Mr M. Rhodes – Violin Teacher
Miss C. Nolan – Cello Teacher
Mr R. Shaw – Brass Teacher