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Join us in our Run Around the World!

Join us in our Run Around the World!

Staff and governors at all 24 schools across Ebor Academy Trust and in the central services team are invited to join with pupils, parents and carers to take part in our charity challenge, Run Around the World!

If all of the 6,000 pupils, plus 500 others – including you and your family – take part and run, walk, cycle or wheel 200 metres per day during each day in May, we will collectively have travelled over 40,000km. And that’s the distance right around the planet.

There are many physical and mental benefits of being active and keeping fit. Regular exercise combats stress and helps you sleep at night.

You don’t have to take part in our Run Around the World if you don’t want to, but we believe it will be an enjoyable distraction in these unsettling times. Bear in mind, instead of 200 metres a day you could always do 1,400 metres in one go a week – or even more, if you are able to.

You can register your achievements on a day-by-day basis by using the online form here:

Adding your distances travelled every day using the online form, means we can track our progress on a map to see how we’re doing.

We have a sponsorship page (, for those who are able to donate. All donations will go to charities that support the NHS. We appreciate these are financially difficult times for many, however, and there is no expectation for you to contribute. Our key objective is to stay active to feel better.

We are regularly updating our charity run website page here (

We do hope you can join us in this big adventure!


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